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Blancoblauw is dedicated to delivering cutting edge IT solutions, research and consultation. We help businesses in acquiring data and turning this data into meaningful information, which can be used to optimize business processes. We do this by making use of state of the art technology in the fields of sensors, electronic engineering and big data analytics. Our up-to-date perspective on emerging technologies enables us to deliver innovative and sustainable products and services.


We combine insights from behavioral and neuro psychology with data science to get a deeper understanding of human behavior. With this knowledge we have created the Data Driven Customer Journey for airports and public transportation, developed neuromarketing software for advertising agencies, made customer loyalty systems for vendors and created a teaching platform to share this knowledge.


Blancoblauw consists of 7 very diverse, young professionals with interdisciplinary academic backgrounds. Our combination of talent and analytic thinking helps us create new and innovative ideas. Our mantra in this process has always been: Minimize all assumptions. This mantra can also be found in our name, Blancoblauw. Blanco, referring to a blank state of mind with no assumptions and blauw (blue), which is the color of a bright sky. Hence, our slogan: With a clear mind, the sky is the limit.



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