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Blancoblauw consists of 7 very diverse, young professionals with interdisciplinary academic backgrounds. Our combination of talent and analytic thinking helps us create new and innovative ideas. Our mantra in this process has always been: Minimize all assumptions. This mantra can also be found in our name, Blancoblauw. Blanco, referring to a blank state of mind with no assumptions and blauw (blue), which is the color of a bright sky. Hence, our slogan: With a clear mind, the sky is the limit.

The power of our company lies in the capabilities of our people. The well-being of our people and the cohesion of the group has always been our main priority. We don’t believe in the traditional perspective towards the concept of work. Our view says that it should mainly be a place where you can unfold your talents and have a fun time doing so.



In this era of rapid exponential growth, systems and processes are increasingly subject to technology induced change. We believe that it’s one of our main priorities to always be one step ahead of upcoming changes, to know how it affects opportunities for our clients and how we can support our clients in implementing new systems and processes.


Human first, data second. We always stay aware of the role that data plays in our company: a means with which we tend to enrich experiences and fulfill needs of humans. Data must always facilitate this purpose. Respecting the privacy of humans will always remain our number one priority when deciding what data to acquire and what not.


Our company is part of a balanced ever-changing ecosystem of society and businesses, where there is a clear connection between social progress and business innovation. Our clear minded vision helps us understand how to implement innovation in this ecosystem and how this will affect the cultural ecosystem of our clients and their stakeholders.


The most valuable commodity that we’ve acquired over years of doing business is trust. Cultivating honesty and integrity in every interaction. This has led to sustainable and valuable relationships with our clients. We strive for the best cooperation and results by exchanging views and creating customer satisfaction through our high-quality services.

Rachelle Damrie

Project Manager

Isabel van der Lijke

Project Manager

Sharvan Debi-Tewari

Data Scientist

John Klees

Software Developer

Rick Vink

Data Scientist

Masoed Shakori

Technical Manager

Farisch Hanoeman

Managing Director